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Why We Celebrate Dhan Teras?

According to the Hindu customs and rituals, Dhanteras is the celebration dedicated to worship Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and makes the beginning of Diwali.

When Is Dhan Teras ?

Festal Calendar

  • 2017 Oct 17
  • 2018 Nov 05
  • 2019 Oct 25

As the name suggests, (Dhan meaning wealth and teras meaning thirteen) Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth day of the Ashwin month, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. Hence, some devout Hindus even start new ventures on this occasion, hoping to succeed in life and acquire lots of wealth and prosperity. Typically, the day starts with decorating the house with flowers and rangolis, purchasing gold, silver, utensils and earthen idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. In the evening, diyas and candles are lit which is followed by Lakshmi Puja. Then the mythical significance of Dhanteras is shared with all present.

The sixteen year old son of King Hema was destined to die after four days of his marriage. When the fateful night finally arrived, the prince’s wife tricked Death by decorating the sleeping chamber gold, silver and numerous lit diyas. The golds and silver article were so arranged that when Death arrived in the form of a snake He could not enter. Moreover, he was blinded by dazzling lights from the big lamps and the gold and silver articles. The wife kept telling her prince stories and sang songs so as to keep him awake the entire night. Thus unable to reach the prince, Death had to return from whence He came and the prince lived longer than he was supposed to.

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