What Is A Good Plant To Give As A Housewarming Gift

What Is A Good Plant To Give As A Housewarming Gift

We believe that earth our planet, is our home, and to protect and enrich it, we need greenery all around us.  There is a lot of awareness regarding global warming these days and along with curbing pollution, having plants and trees around is a solution to that.

So, what else could be better, than a beautiful plant, as a housewarming gift? For someone who is starting a new life in their dream house, it will be a very thoughtful gift. It will make them feel you wish greenery and positivity around them.

Let us explore a few of the options available, for an ideal housewarming gift:

Chinese Evergreen

A Chinese evergreen plant is one of the most beautiful and low maintenance house plants. When looking for a plant as a gift idea on a housewarming, this is a great option. Its origin is in the subtropics of southeast Asia.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

For someone who is into Feng Shui, a lucky bamboo plant would be a great choice as a housewarming gift. Lucky bamboo could be the best plant to gift on birthdays too; it looks good and requires less maintenance.

Money plant

Money plant, which is found in every other household these days, is also an amazing choice as a gift. Just like lucky bamboo, the money plant is also considered lucky. Someone moving into a new house will love to receive money plant as a gift, hoping it to bring health wealth and prosperity.


A Ficus or Ulmus bonsai plant is also a very good option as a housewarming gift. Although a bonsai plant requires a lot of care and attention, it adds to the décor of the house. There are various options available of bonsai plant gift ideas from which you can take your pick. There is s shape, grafted, 2 years grafted and many more variants.

Big fern

Another beautiful option is a big fern, which is an excellent landscape plant and requires very low maintenance. They can be used as a border plant, ground covers or to line garden pathways.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera which is used not only for a decorative purpose but also for medicinal use is also a good choice. It is also one of the best plants to gift on birthdays as it has multiple uses, looks good and requires less maintenance.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a beautiful houseplant which brightens the living space and is great at cleaning the environment it is in. It is a great gift idea for someone who has moved into a new abode.

Palm Plant

Palm plants are also a popular choice for indoor plantation. They are easy to grow and beautiful to look at. It is a great gifting option.

Snake Plant

Another awesome gifting option is a snake plant, also known as mother in law’s tongue. It does not require daily care and is one of the best at purifying the air in an indoor environment. It is also lucky as per Feng Shui.

Spider Plant

Another low maintenance and easy to grow plant is the spider plant. Spider plants are one of the most adaptable houseplants making them a great choice as a housewarming gift. Spider plants are very hardy and look beautiful.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is also a great housewarming gift as it requires almost no maintenance and still looks great. It is a slow growing plant and can tolerate low light.

Tulsi Plant

If you are going to the housewarming of someone who is into Ayurveda and is religious, Tulsi is a good option. Tulsi is considered holy by Hindus and has its use in traditional medicines.

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