Make This Baby Shower More Exciting With These Games

Make This Baby Shower More Exciting With These Games

It’s time to play some games to make the baby shower celebration much more interesting. Include this game along with the baby gift basket for the mommy.

Game: The Pacifier Pass

For That, You Would Need Straws, pacifiers along with handles that you can hold.

Have all the guests separate into the teams of 4 or 5 then stand in a line. By facing the person in front of them. Every guest has to put the straw in their mouth. The first guest in the line will put the pacifier on the straw. When the host will say go or start everyone on their own team will pass the pacifier from one straw to another straw, no contact, no hands. Whichever team would be the fastest will win.

Game: Place a Pacifier in Baby's Mouth

You Would Need: Picture of the baby, blindfold, and a picture of the pacifier for all the guests

Blindfold the guest one by one and they have to put their pacifier as near to the baby's mouth as they can. Whoever would be the closest will win.

Game: Blindfolded Diapering

You will need: Blindfold, baby dolls, life size diapers

Have your guests separate into the teams. Both the teams will get a doll, diapers, and blindfold. Each guest has to put the blindfold on, then remove the current diaper and put the new one on the baby doll. After the 1st team member completes this, they give that doll to the next member, until the whole team is finished. The 1st team to finish the round will win.

Game: Pass a Dirty Diaper

What you need: music, diaper, chocolate,

The host needs to first melt a chocolate in the diaper. Guests will sit in the circle and passes that "dirty" diaper around when the music plays. After the music gets to stop, the person who is holding that diaper would be out of the game. The last guest will be declared as the winner.

Game: Baby Sock Game

You would need: baby socks pairs, timer

To play this game, keep all the socks, unpaired, in a heap on the floor. One by one every guest needs to match as many socks as possible in 1 minute. The person who will match the maximum socks is the winner.

Game: Know What It Is?

You would need: 10 paper bags, 10 baby items, paper and pen

Put baby items into the bags and label them 1-10. Then randomly pass those bags to the guests. All the guests need to figure out what’s in every bag without opening them. After everyone will guess all the things, the mom-to-be would open each bag and disclose what’s inside. Whoever the person will guess the most things would be the winner.

Game: Baby Items Can You Think?

What you need: Paper and pen for all the guests.

Each guest has to write down the baby items such as the pacifier, bottle, and blanket they are able to think of in just 5 minutes.