Lamps: Groovy Décor For Your Place

We would be looking for some great gift ideas so that we can bring a big smile on the faces of our loved ones on many special occasions such as their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and even for the most important person in our life on Valentine’s Day.

Along with some other interesting gift ideas such as cushion covers, coffee mugs and flower bouquets; personalized lamp would also be a fantastic gift idea appropriate for many occasions. These lamp gifts would be retained for years to come and would be practically used by the recipients for home décor.
· We can order a personalized photo lamp with the photograph of the recipient printed on a green colored bottle that would carry an LED lamp inside. The bottle would be placed on a wooden base that can be easily kept on any flat surface. The bottom of the glass bottle would cut apart so that it can be attached to the wooden base. This wooden base would carry a holder and an LED lamp.
The printing of the photograph would not fade with time as the service provider would make use of modern technology that would make the photograph look elegant when printed on the surface of the bottle. The lamp would be connected through an electrical wire. Thus the entire room would be filled with the magnificent photograph of the recipient that we would have uploaded to the gift store while placing the order for the photo lamp. We can turn it into an appropriate wedding anniversary gift getting the photograph of the couple printed on the bottle.
· Another fantastic gift idea related to personalized lamp would be a photo collage printed on rotating photo lamp. There are exclusive gift stores that offer this unique gift. We need to upload six stylish photographs of the celebrating person or couple.
The photographs would be printed on six different sides of a cubical shaped acrylic box. Then the box would be suspended between two parallel points of a holder along the two opposite corner points. It would be fitted with an internal lamp that can be controlled through a switch. The upper corner point would be coupled to a low RPM motor that would slowly rotate the entire assembly along the axis of two corners that would be attached to the holder. Thus the rotating photo lamp would keep on rotating at lower speed displaying the photos on each surface.