Home Decor: Top Personalization Tips

Making the home look eye catching and decorative would be every homeowner’s passion. We can help the loved ones to add the sense of style and elegance to their home décor through the gifts we send them on any special occasions such as housewarming ceremony, a wedding anniversary or even birthdays of the family members. Online gifts shopping portals offer a wide range of personalized gifts that include the name or photograph or name of the receiving person or his family. These gifts can be retained in the showcase, living room or any other part of their home.

Let us take a look at personalization ideas for home décor offered online:

3D Crystal For Family With LED Light Base:
This can be one of the most exciting Personalized gifts that adds glory to the corner table in the living room. The family photograph of the receiving family needs to be uploaded by the buyer. This photograph with a vintage feel due to black and white image would be engraved on the crystal using specialized digital engraving technology. This crystal is placed on a base with LED lamp for glorious appearance.

Personalized Greatest Sis Plate Keepsake:
The ceramic plate of 8 inch diameter is printed with the cartoon image of a girl. The text message: “WORLD’S BEST BIG SISTER” along with the name of the elder sister receiving this gift. This gift idea can be a great surprise for the sister on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. The sister can keep this ceramic plate in the showcase or a corner table to feel attached with the beloved brother.

Personalized Anniversary Photo Clock:
Photograph of the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary would be printed on the dial of the square shaped desk clock. The couple would love to be gifted with this clock that adds elegance to their living room and helps them to feel the emotional unity, on every occasion the clock is seen. This clock would make the couple feel the delight of being together through the photograph that might be extracted from their wedding album.

Save The Date Fridge Magnet:
The fridge magnet printed with the photograph and the names of the couple and the date of their wedding with the message: “SAVE THE DATE”; can be a beautiful anniversary surprise that is kept attached to the fridge in the kitchen. This elegant addition to the home makes the couple feel the emotional connect. The fridge would look glorious due to this fridge magnet as well.

Personalized Photo Plaque For Dad:
The photograph of the beloved dad along with the son or daughter sending this gift along with the most meaningful text message expressing gratitude for his love and support can be the most emotional surprise for the receiving father on the special occasion of his birthday or Father’s Day as well. The father would feel overwhelmed to receive this decorative gift and retain it for years ahead.

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