Easily Make Artificial Flowers

Easily Make Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers easily attract the heart of nature without damaging the live flowers. Blossoms that you make yourself would last forever, & they make gorgeous decorations and gifts. Read on and learn how to make the flowers from a tissue. You can also check out the design at flower gift shop in India.

To make subtle paper flowers which look similar to the flowers, you just need a few normal supplies:

  1. Three sheets of tissue paper of the same color
  2. The pair of scissors
  3. A ruler & a pencil
  4. The pipe cleaner
  5. Clear and florist tape

Cut the rectangle from a tissue paper. Use the scissor to cut the rectangle that measures 12 inches long & 3 inches wide from the tissue.

Draw the lines on a rectangle. First draw one line with the ruler & pencil, one 1/2 inch from the bottom of the tissue paper rectangle. Draw one diagonal line from the paper top corner on 1 side which connects to the 1st line.

Cut along that diagonal line. The smaller part of the tissue paper is excess & can be discarded.

Create peripheral. Cut some straight lines from the top of that diagonal. The cuts must stop at a pencil line that was drawn straight across your tissue paper.

Insert a stem. Tape the top of a pipe cleaner along with the short side of your tissue paper using the tape.

Tape an edge of your tissue paper down around the stem. Use a clear tape to prevent it from showing.