DIY Gifts Ideas For Friends

Friends deserve to be pampered on the special occasion of Friendship Day as this is the occasion to remember the true companions that support us in every kind of situation. The choice of gift idea to greet the best friends also matters. The online gifts shopping portal offers terrific ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)’ gift ideas that would create a lasting impression.

These are some DIY gifts available online for friends:

Doodle It Yourself Bottle LampThe plain glass bottle is decorated with glossy color all over. The color of the bottle to be sent as gift can be chosen from various options such as yellow, red, blue, violet and pink. This bottle is placed on the base carrying an LED lamp that would be recited inside the bottle The recipient can place his or her own doodle or image on the bottle and keep on changing it as well.

Slate Board Gift SetThe slate set includes a slate made of a special kind of paper; and a special pen to write on the slate. After writing anything the slate can regain its original plain state by passing the switch to the other side of the slate. This gift uses a special technique to create an impression on the paper temporarily, and vanish, everything when the paper is tightened up to the desired extent. This can be a perfect DIY gift on friendship day.

A Day Of Presents – 24 Gifts CollectionThis fabulous gift combination combines 24 marvelous gift ideas to leave the recipient friend completely overwhelmed. The names of the sender and the recipient friends can be added on the card to personalise this gift combination. All the beautiful and memorable gift ideas such as the cushion, mug, keychain, photo frame, teddy bear, greeting card, handmade chocolate, notebook and mobile charging stand and so on are included in this combo.

Fastrack Gift CardThis gift card allows the recipient to get a discount of Rs.500 on the purchase of any Fastrack products that are the most fabulous accessories such as watches, sunglasses and much more at the authorized retail outlet. The gift card can be redeemed once for the discount on the purchase this can be an innovative ‘Do It Yourself’ gift idea allowing the recipient friend to get a different style statement. offers tremendous varieties in DIY gifts for friends most appropriate to create a lasting impression on friendship day, remembering the special friends in the most special way. is the most preferred online gifts shopping portal for the availability of great varieties in gift ideas.

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