Comedy Gifts: Presents For People With A Sense Of Humor

Comedy Gifts: Presents For People With A Sense Of Humor

Some people are so close to us even being quite elder to us in age, experience and relation. We can crack some jokes with them while having informal chats and they would admire the spirit and reciprocate the joy by sharing something immediately out of their real sense of humor. We can honor them with some interesting gifts on special occasions such as their birthday and even retirement.

There are online gift shops that offer a wide range of gag gifts that would help us to retain and enhance our personal relationship with the special friend that could be our uncle or even a brother or just a close friend.

Enjoyable Funny Gifts

· Wine-O-Saur wine bottle holder: This can be one of the finest funny gifts India as it would look like a dinosaur and still would be a simple wine bottle holder. The recipient would surely break into laughter after opening this fantastic funny gift. The shape of the dinosaur is made artistically with the wooden pieces assembled, including the four legs, the long and curved body with the triangular mountain-like parts of the body and the long tail. Thus the overall object would look like the dinosaur.

Along with the holder the bottle of the red wine presented for the celebration; would make the recipient very happy. Wine would be the great way to invite for a treat and the person with good sense of humor would surely admire the effort.

Spectacle straw: This is one of the greatest funny gifts due to the innovative concepts. The gift wrap would carry an unusually funny straw for drinking beverages and juices from the bottles or glasses. The funny part in the funny gifts India would be the shape of the straw. The centerpiece of the straw would look like a spectacle without glasses on it. The person can wear the spectacle as usual on the eyes placing the straw around the ears. One end of the straw can be inserted in the bottle or glass where the drink would be served. Through the other end of the straw the drink can be sucked. The drink in the bottle or glass would pass through the entire straw. Thus, it can be seen around the eyes when sucked. Thus, it would be the funny way to suck the drink leading to laughter.
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