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Best Items To Adorn Your Diwali Gift Box

Best Items To Adorn Your Diwali Gift Box


The festival of lights or Diwali is a widely celebrated festival of Hindus globally. It embarks the victory of good over evil or in other words, the triumph of light over darkness. According to mythology, it is the day when Lord Ram returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and completing his exile. The people of Ayodhya welcomed Lord Ram by lighting oil lamps. Many people in business consider it as the beginning of a new financial year. For Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs, this day too is unique. On such a joyous occasion, it becomes an urge to meet and greet our loved ones. Our conscience compels us to present gifts to friends and family members by sharing joy and love. Here comes a list of goodies that can be part of your Diwali gift box to make it more adorable.  

SweetsAny Indian festival is incomplete without sweets. Indeed home sweets have the warmth to melt hearts and make bonds grow richer. Sweets made of coconut, teal, flour (besan) dominate everyone’s bucket list.   As these sweets are dry and can bear minor shocks, it can be easily transported. Gulab jamuns, Sandesh, rash Malai, are another set of a treat to sweet lovers as it wins in ever dining top. But care should be taken to ship as these are fragile and wet too. So presenting a variety of home-made Indian sweets are on the top of the rank.

Fragrant CandlesThe best thing about fragrant candles is that they alter our mood and elevates the good vibes within. It directly impacts the olfactory glands making us instantly feel better. There is an array of flavours to choose in this segment. On an occasion of joy and brotherliness, it is an ideal gift to present our family and friends.

Earthen Oil LampsFrom the perspective of going green to avoiding the usage of artificial lighting, earthen oil lamps should be used to encourage the Indian cottage industry. The glamour may be high in the chain-lights, but the sense of peace and calmness from the visuals of an earthen oil-lamp is immense aesthetic. With a little clay and water, these can be made in our homes too, and upon drying, we can give illuminating shades to make it look vibrant. Though it will lack the perfection of a potter's hand, it will be a new experience for all of us. Moreover, burning oil lamps kills mosquitoes and other harmful insects in and around our residence. So why not gift this indigenous symbol of brightness to make our relationships glow with radiance.

Rangoli PowdersDiwali and Rangoli powders have a tightly knit bond. It is like one is incomplete without the other. During Diwali, we can find almost every home decorated with Rangoli. It adds hues to the celebration. It is a display of colorful powders spread to form a design. The use of different colors portrays an elegant look. So a box of Rangoli powders can be a choice for gifts for Diwali

Ganesha IdolsGanesha signifies the image of positivity and goodness. The idol of Lord Ganesha is considered very auspicious in any occasion. If you are planning for gifting someone a Ganesha idol, it is an excellent thought. Lord Ganesha is worshipped with Mother Laxmi during Diwali. He is revered as the god of knowledge and education. The final option for Diwali gifts box can be a choice of a few; still, it is a much honoured present in Hindu families.

With the commencement of Diwali comes a sense of joy, an excitement that is found in every individual’s mind and action. It is a perfect way to multiply our happiness by spreading and sharing it with our near and dear ones. May this Diwali be a blessed and illuminated one for everyone. Happy Diwali!