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5 Best Housewarming Gifts This Season 2018

5 Best Housewarming Gifts This Season 2018

Stepping into the dream home would be an important occasion for every family that buys or constructs a home. While entering the home there would be some prayers and other religious rituals that are conducted by every homeowner according to the religion and beliefs they follow. This family oriented occasion is known as housewarming ceremony.

The relatives, colleagues, friends invited for this celebration gift something to the family entering their new home. These gifts would be for congratulating them and wishing them a happy and prosperous life in the new home.

These Are Some Of The Most Beautiful Housewarming Gifts From

Ganesha Rock Slate & Dry Fruits Combo:
This is one of the most well-wishing religious housewarming gifts for the recipient family. This includes a statue of lord Ganesha that is worshiped in the beginning of any good task, the rocky slate with mantra in Sanskrit conveying ‘namaskaras’ to the lord Ganesha; and beautiful pouches filled with dry fruits such as almonds and cashew nuts. This can be a fantastic gift combination to wish blessings of the lord.

Buddha Cube Lamp
This is one of the most peaceful online house warming gifts for the families entering their new home. The cube lamp is printed with the beautiful image of Lord Buddha in meditating pose. This cube lamp is inserted with LED lamp for glorious looks when switched on. This gift would spread great peace of mind among the family members due to the calm and balanced expressions of Lord Buddha.

Darood Shareef Cube Lamp
The images of ‘Suraah’ or ‘Aayat’ from the holy Darood Shareef printed on the sides of the cube lamp make this gift most suited for a Muslim family celebrating housewarming. The recipient family would be happy to receive this gift as the religious values would be retained through this glorious looking cube lamp that adds life to the home décor.

Vaastu Feng Shui Green Tortoise
According to Feng Shui that is the Vastushaastra from Chinese culture the green tortoise is supposed to be kept immersed in water near the treasury in the home. This is believed to bring great fortune and prosperity for the homeowner and the entire family as well. This can be a wonderful housewarming gift that wishes all the success to the recipient family.

Spring In The Garden Personalised Calendar:
This beautiful desk calendar combines beautiful images of the natural beauty and the cute and adorable children that complement the spring season in the garden when the buds blossom all around. The calendar would have the name of the recipient or the last name of the recipient family along with a cover message on the cover page and beautiful images on rest of the pages as well. The beginning month of this calendar can be selected according to the date of housewarming. is the one stop shop online for beautiful and most appropriate housewarming gifts; that the recipients would love to be gifted with. offers wide range of housewarming gifts that are designed to wish lord’s blessings and prosperity to the recipient family entering the new home.