10 Cute & Unique Friendship Day Gifts For The Coolest Bestie!

Friends are our best companions on the path of life when the life might be taking enjoyable and difficult turns of journey. The true friends deserve some special treat on the special occasion of Friendship Day. The online gifts shopping portals offer interesting gift concepts that help the aspirants to enlighten the lost relationships again.

Here are top 10 gift concepts available online most appropriate for the occasion of Friendship Day

10. Fun Wobbly Bobble Head

The keepsake made of resin is created by the online gift service that is the replica of the recipient’s personality derived from his or her photograph as uploaded by the buyer. This can be one of the most wonderful Gifts for friends.

9. Around The World In 8 Chai’s wonky Mix

The wonky tea glasses painted in different colors and the text in different languages for ‘tea’ placed beautifully in a metallic stand would be the best friendship day surprise making the recipient remember the favorite hangout spot.

8. 52 Ways To Quit Smoking Card

This can be one of the well-wishing gifts for a dearest friend that smokes. The friendship day surprise will help him overcome the addiction to smoking.

7. Gun Stainless Steel Knife With LED Torch Pocket Knife

The knife with its handle looking like the butt of the gun, and coupled with an LED torch can be a useful gadget for the dear friend especially while traveling.

6. Umbrella Golf Stick

The umbrella combined with the golf stick made from the same prop that can be used in different ways through different directions can be a unique friendship day gift for a golf loving close friend.

5. Euro Napkin

The pack of paper napkins printed as the replica of Euro currency notes can be the wonderful gift idea to surprise the dearest friend on friendship day.

4. Truth Or Dare

Set of two bottle props made by reshaping the bottles after heating in a furnace; with the text on both ends of the plain bottle at the bottom: “TRUTH” & “DARE” and the other green bottle on the top to be revolved; would be a fantastic game themed gift.

3. LED Rave Glove Set

The hand gloves in black color with radiant LED lamps at the tips of all the fingers can be a glorious prop to impress others at special events. This can be a fabulous friendship day gift.

2. Guitar With Cat 3D Decal

The fantastic portrait showing the Guitar and other rock music themed props would be a wonderful friendship day surprise for a music lover friend.

1. Awesome Hip Flask

The Hipflask with a set of beautiful glasses made of steel and in black color printed with the text: “I DON’T GET DRUNK; I GET AWESOME” would be one of the most exciting and encouraging Friendship day gifts for the special friend who believes in celebrating and enjoying every moment of life to the fullest.

Giftcart.com offers fabulous friendship day gift ideas to choose from. The aspirants can choose their most memorable gift concepts from Giftcart.com and rest assured that the gifts would be delivered to the loved ones well before the Friendship Day to make them feel honored.

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